The Institute presents the socioeconomic effects of its activity in Asturias

The study has been performed by a team from Universidad de Oviedo and will be presented on Thursday 25, August at noon at the Institute’s headquarters.

The Institute presents to the media the results of the socioeconomic impact analysis of its activity in Asturias, taking its activity in 2012 as reference. The event will take place on Thursday 25, August at noon at the Institute’s headquarters.

The study has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team from Universidad de Oviedo – codirected by Rodolfo Gutiérrez, professor of Sociology and Rigoberto Pérez, professor of Applied Economics – and quantifies the effects on regional production, employment and rent originated by the demand for goods and services associated to the activities carried out by the Institute and the Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica, as well as its social impact.

To this end, a broad statistical basis has been used including accounting information facilitated by the IOFV; the official statistics elaborated by the Spanish Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadística - INE) and the Asturian Society of Economic and Industrial Studies (Sociedad Asturiana de Estudios Económicos e Industriales - SADEI); the information on the Spanish companies balance sheets from the SABI database (Iberian Balance Sheets Analysis system, SABI in Spanish) and the information from a survey conducted specifically for this purpose to patients of the Institute. 

Prof Luis Fernández-Vega, Medical Director of the Institute, will present the event together with the co-directors of the study.



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