Ms Carmen Iglesias hosts the last conference of the cycle on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Institute

The session is on Tuesday 27th of November at 19:30 hors at RIDEA (Royal Institute of Asturian Studies) in Oviedo.

Ms María del Carmen Iglesias Cano, head of the History of Ideas Department and member of the Real Academia de la Historia (Royal History Academy) since 1989, hosts the fourth and last conference of the cycle organised to commemorate 125 years of practice of the Fernández-Vega family. The lecturer is specialised in the European XVIII century and has been recently appointed Official Chronicler of the Villa de Madrid. Furthermore, she taught Prince Felipe of Spain and headed the Centre of Political and Constitutional Studies (Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales).

Carmen Iglesias, who worked as professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, hosts the session “A Look From Europe Into The Hispanic Monarchy” on Tuesday 27th of November at 19:30 hours at RIDEA (Royal Institute of Asturian Studies) in Oviedo.

During the session, the historian covered with her words the 300 years of monarchy “Hispanic and Catholic” that, in current terms, se described as “compound monarchy”. She pointed out that this kind of organisation exercises sovereignty but “has nothing to do with despotism or arbitrary act”.

When asked about historical novels she said that she doesn’t believe in them, that she considers them a “myth”, but she stated that the most important aspect of a book is that it is “good literature” and, in that sense, “historical novels can comply”.


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