The Fundación Fernández-Vega, at Asociación Nora - Instituto Oftalmológico Fernández Vega

The Fundación Fernández-Vega, at Asociación Nora

A team travelled there this morning and will remain there until early afternoon; they expect to perform over thirty eye examinations in this period of time.

A team from the Fundación Fernández-Vega constituted by Dr Eva Villota, optometrist Silvia García Peláez, secretary Vanesa Fernández and Abraham Álvarez, from maintenance, arrived first thing in the morning to the facilities of Asociación Nora, in Pola de Siero, where they expect to perform over thirty eye examinations in the next few hours. Asociación Nora is a non-profit association that, since 1992, supports people with cerebral palsy, mental disabilities and related syndromes in order to improve their quality of live.

This social welfare action lies within the action programme of the Foundation, whose objectives include the provision of ophthalmological services to collectives that face some kind of challenge. This is only possible, both in Spain and internationally, thanks to the work of the professionals and the resources of the Institute, and to the help of other entities and anonymous collaborators.

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