Dr. Álvaro Meana Infiesta - Fernández-Vega Ophthalmological Institute

Dr. Álvaro Meana Infiesta

  • Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from University of Oviedo, carried out specialisation in Internal Medicine at Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias and has a Master’s in Medical Virology and General Virology by Pasteur Institute of Paris.
  • Served in a two-year residency at Hospital Bichat-Claude Bernard of Paris (Viriology Laboratory) as a scholar of the Fonds d’Investigations Sanitaires (FIS).
  • Later carried out a six-month stay at the Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro (IST) - Genova.
  • Has worked as a faculty specialist in the Asturian hospitals of Valle del Nalón, Jove and Cabueñes.
  • Has since 1995 worked in the Tissue Engineering Unit at Centro Comunitario de Sangre y Tejidos de Asturias, currently the head of the Tissue Bank itself.
  • Since 2012 has developed a programme for Regenerative Medicine in Ophthalmology at Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica of Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega.
  • Has published over 60 projects in international magazines for Regenerative Medicine and has 8 patent applications in this field.

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