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The only non-invasive procedure for tightening and firming neck and face skin

El área de Oculoplastia del Instituto ha incorporado el servicio de estética facial con el sistema de ultrasonidos ULTHERAPY, único tratamiento no invasivo que permite tensar las zonas del cuello y el rostro.

Ultherapy Ultrasound System

The Institute's OCULOPLASTY specialisation, led by doctors Javier and Lucía Fernández-Vega, has incorporated the facial aesthetic service with the ULTHERAPY system,  a lifting treatment that naturally tightens the skin of the neck and face, in only one session of between 90 and 120 minutes, without surgery.


This ultrasound device, which is the world leader in non-invasive medical and aesthetic applications, was launched four years ago and has more than 500,000 patients treated worldwide. Now it is offered by the Institute because, after having analysed and evaluated the results it produces, it has determined that it is a good complement to cover the aesthetic needs of the clinic´s patients.

Non-invasive Treatment

With this non-surgical aesthetic treatment, they can now also lift eyebrows, lift and contract the skin from under the chin to eliminate the dewlap and disguise the wrinkles of the neck. All this without anaesthesia, although it can cause slight discomfort.


In addition, it is valid for any skin colour and requires no care before or after treatment. The results produce a natural stretching and firmness of the tissues, which improve between 90 and 180 days after the treatment. Their results are visible for more than a year.


Treatment Description

The device uses ultrasound energy that is used in radiology and physical therapy. It is applied as if it were a magnifying glass, that is, it focuses the ultrasonic energy below the skin to warm the tissue non-invasively. This system offers three advantages: depth, temperature and precision.


The first refers to sound waves passing through the superficial layers of the skin without altering them and releasing the necessary amount of energy to the correct depth in order to contract and lift the soft tissue. This treatment is deeper than those made with laser or radiofrequency, so it does not affect the surface of the skin.

As for temperature, it reaches 60-70 degrees, which triggers the body's natural response mechanism, which rejuvenates the weakened collagen and creates a new one.

The last advantage is the accuracy in the temperature and depth that it reaches, as well as in the spacing between the clotting points to promote healing.


In short, this treatment stimulates the production of collagen from the deep layers of the skin to renew and tone it from the inside, without affecting the surface.

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