Hospital pharmacy

The portfolio of services offered by the hospital pharmacy area is divided into three areas: Assistance, teaching and research 
Below are the most important points related to each one. 

Care area

In Ophthalmology there is a great demand for medicines not commercialized by the pharmaceutical industry, either because the active ingredient is not available, or because doses are not adequate, or because the administrative route is not the one required. The objective of the pharmacology area is the development of pharmaceutical compounds and medicinal preparations that are required for the treatment of our patients´ complaints.
With pharmaceutical compounds or the medicines prepared by the pharmacist or under his or her supervision, prescribed by the doctor for a particular patient and produced in the pharmacy (in this case, the Institute), the intrahospital needs of medicines are met, which means better patient service. 

Patients are offered individualized pharmaceutical care, are given information on the treatments they will receive and provided with personalized medication.
In addition, the processing and dispensing of foreign medicines and compassionate uses is undertaken.

The Pharmacy Service manages all medicines required for the diagnosis and treatment of patients treated at the Institute, in order to provide safe and efficient pharmacology. 

The Hospital Pharmacy Service also monitors certain patients with chronic diseases or complex treatments, proving the existence of interactions, or complaints that may interfere with the treatment.

The Pharmacy Service also resolves any questions related to medicines of professionals or patients and prepares technical reports on medicines, as well as processing medicines in special situations.

There is also a monitoring of possible adverse reactions related to the treatments of our patients, and if necessary they are referred to the Asturias pharmacovigilance centre.

TEACHINGThe Pharmacy Service takes part in the learning imparted at Instituto Universitario Fernández Vega and every year welcomes students, technical specialists in pharmacy or residents from fourth year Hospital Pharmacy.

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Clinical research Unit

From the Institute’s Hospital Pharmacy, a research effort is also undertaken, as well as dissemination, in cooperation with Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica, with which work takes place on various projects.

The Pharmacy service is a part of the Clinical Research Unit, Unidad de Investigación Clínica, which is in charge of managing Clinical Testing, clinical research samples and the close individual care of patients participating in theses.

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